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Coco et Compagnie - We Love Ballet!

Coco et Co is dedicated to the creation, production, and performance of contemporary ballet. Inspired by a variety of influences, we seek to fuel the imagination, enliven the senses, and reflect on the human condition.  

 Coco et Co offers Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet Vocational Training (RAD) to people of all ages and backgrounds throughout the broader community.  

 Both in the studio and on the stage, we strive to:
  •  Uphold the integrity of our creative process 
  •  Recognize and respect individual contributions to the collective whole 
  •  Expand the limits of the imaginable
  •  Draw inspiration from diversity
  •  Encourage and promote the DANCE potential within us   

The unifying thread of Coco et Compagnie is simple. It's the love of dance - and celebration  of the rich legacy of ballet.

Coco's teaching techniques balance challenge with inspiration. Classes and workshops offer training in a warm and encouraging atmosphere for all levels- from beginners to professionals in all shapes at all ages. As rigorous as any sport and as subtle as any emotion, ballet requires a willingness to try, to fail, and to try again. Practice does not guarantee perfect skills, but it does promise improvement.

Meeting Coco's dancers will dispel assumptions you may have about ballet. It is not the exclusive domain of young and slender bodies. Training does not have to begin in infancy. Aggressive personalities are not a requirement. Sensitivity to music, spatial dynamics, and performance techniques are not necessarily innate but can be cultivated through practice.

In addition to developing skills, Coco et Compagnie is committed to creating riveting works of choreography, increasing understanding and accessibility to dance, and celebrating the art of performance.

Coco et Compagnie invite both dancers and viewers to experience ballet - and above all, to enjoy themselves! "We love ballet" is the mantra of the company. They look forward to sharing their love with you and the community.


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